React by DoApps is a lot like the the game “Bop It” but for an iPhone or iPod touch. You know, the game where different commands are yelled out of a little box with all kinds of knobs and things on it and then you have to either twist, spin, squeeze, or bop something with ever increasing speed. Well, the premise is the same here but just on a touch screen.

React itself is pretty simple: you are asked to either Pinch, Poke, Slide, or Shake. The Pinch is just that, pinch two blocks together, but as I found it is the hardest one because you have to use two fingers. Everything else can be done with one hand — the Poke is just a dot that you have to poke, the Slide is a block you have to slide across the screen (much like the arrow you slide to unlock your iPhone), and the Shake is simply shaking the device.

With only four options the different moves are easily recognized, each with its own distinct background, but that said it starts to speed up really fast. With React there is no option to select a level of difficulty and so you are thrown right in to fend for yourself. React moves along really quickly, getting faster and faster, and before you know it you’ve made so many mistakes that the game is over. On the bright side, though, its a pretty new game so you still might be able to make the bottom of the leader board with a low score, which is always fairly exciting.

A basic game of reflex, React may be simple but it is not that easy to master. At first glance it might be something to scoff at, and believe me I did, but within minutes I was defeated and had to type my name into the leader board with a pretty measly score of 200. If you are into games of this kind and you think your reflexes are something special, then you are in for a treat with this one. And, if you do well, you can even opt to challenge a fellow reflex-game junky to try and beat your score.

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